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Dear Fellows & Members,

As I’m sure everyone is aware of and will agree on, the treatment of seafarers & some shipping companies during this pandemic is very extremely unfair.

My own experience as a pilot I have come across Masters and Crew unable to return home, with no indication when they will be allowed disembark and extremely worried about their family’s well being and safety. Some individual seafarer’s medical prescriptions were running dangerously low and they are unable to go ashore to a Doctor to renew their stock. Another vessel when entering port in Korea was refused a pilot and expected to berth without one, putting enormous pressure on the Master. As of yesterday the USCG reported that there are as many as 93,000 crew still stuck onboard cruise ships at anchor, drifting, or approaching the US coast. This crisis in the cruise industry will result in many thousands of seafarers losing their jobs.

The national media’s targeting of the cruise industry has had detrimental effect on companies like P&O, who has supported this branch for many years as a sponsor and home ported in Australia for 88 years. Our branch Chairman Commodore Christopher Rynd FNI, committee members and other Senior Nautical Institute executives from around Australia are brainstorming to assist as much as possible.

Commodore Rynd has written the attached letters to the NSW Premier, NSW Police Commissioner and Peter Dutton MP, Minister for Home Affairs to highlight the plight of seafarers and cruise lines in this crisis. We would invite members to use the attached information in the links below to contact their own political members.

The Nautical Institute HQ is working very hard to support its members and all seafarers during this crisis, I will forward to members more details and information as it comes in.

If any member requires assistance during this time, please contact us and we will assist as much as we can.

Yours Sincerely,

Capt. Patrick Walsh
Assistance Secretary SE Australia branch
Mob: 0437681277

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